Welcome to our Club Room!

We look forward to seeing you!


When you come to our post you will find a a relaxed and friendly  atmosphere with pool, darts, electronic and paper pulltabs, and comraderie. 


Come on in, take a seat, introduce yourself, and start making some new friends.


Except during specfic special events, we are a PRIVATE club.  Guests are welcome, but they must be accompanied by a member and sign in on our guest registry in the archway between the clubroom and Capt. W. P. Black Hall.

Legion Post License Plates


It is something of a tradition that when a Legionnaire visits another Post, they take one of their home Post's license plates and trades for one from the Post they are visiting.  Many Posts then display the plates that they have traded for.


We have a list of all the license plates on our clubroom wall online!  You can use it to check if we have a plate for a Post you are visiting so you can trade for theirs if we don't have it. 


Just look for the "Wall License Plates" link on the upper right of this page  or CLICK HERE.


* Bookmark the Plates page for future quicker access.

Regularly scheduled activites and daily specials:





2nd Monday of each month.



March 11, 2024


Now playing 3 instant pay games and 1 holder game.  The progressive game is temporarily suspended.


The progressive pulltab jackpot is now




All well drinks are $3 each.


All beer is $2 each.



Ladies wine discounts.



8 pm.

Tickets $1


Jackpot is now




8:15 pm

Tickets  $1



Discounted adult beverages for ladies.



Dinner served at 5:30 pm



Feb 23: BBQ sandwich, coleslaw, chips..  $6




Bingo 7-9 pm

$20 per 5-game card.



$2 Fireball Shots

8 pm - 10 pm

American Legion Post 67
138 S Main St
Versailles, Kentucky 40383

Phone: 859 873-7064 859 873-7064


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All games are operated by

Woodford Post 67 in accordance with all Commonwealth of Kentucky Charitable Gaming laws and regulations under license # ORG0001375 and special licenses as needed.


Games are open to all members and guests but you must be at least 18 years of age to play.

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