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2/20/2024 - Pool Table Re-covered!

Check out our pool table!


We have the new cover on and it's ready to go!  Please use our dark blue chalk and watch those masse shots!

2/16/2024 - New Barstool Seats!

We have new barstool seats!


These new seats are a little thicker, a little deeper, and a lot more comfortable.


Hope you all enjoy them!


2/13/2024 - New Electronic Pulltab Machine!

We had another electronic pulltab machine added to our stable today!  It is the one at the ned closest to the front door.


As you can see the payout kiosk was moved down to the bar end to make room for it.


Have fun!

2/7/2024 - The Pulltab Machine Is In!

It's here!  The new pulltab machine!  It is sitting right next to the juke box.  You Can't miss it!


From this machine you can buy all the pulltabs you like.  If you get a winner, take it to the bar for the payout.


The machine holds 4 games.  To start with we have a 25 cents per card instant win game, a 50 cent per card instant win game, a $1 per card instant win game, and the $1 per card progressive game loaded.   


The MAX button is there to make buying several tabs a bit easier.  For instance, if you want $10 of tabs for a game, you put in your $10 bill, push the MAX buttin, then push the butto for the game you want.  The machine will spit out $10 worth of your selected game tabs for you.


We hope you like using this new machine and having a variety of pulltabs you can play!

1/18/2024 - The New Back Bar Is In!

After many months of planning, bids, and delays the new back bar is in place!


Dean and Chris Lawson of ProMax Construction came in and designed a new support framework which Chris then built so the new counter is fully supported and will not sag again.


The new counter is a single pice over 100 inches made of combined pieces of beautiful 1/2" thisk oak. then stained and sealed.


They also re-faced the closed cabinet, lowered the existing shelves, and added a bit more shelving under that.  This should provide us more functional storage space andhelp us keep the bar less cluttered.


During all this Ray and Howard (mainly Ray) made use of some nearly unused electrical curcuits and ran some new lines with quad outlets above the bar.  This will help us reduce the need for the tangle of extension cords and power strips being used.  There are plans to add more outlets off these lines in the near future so perhaps we can eliminate the extensions completely.


We also added the 2-tier LED-lighted shelves you see in the pic for the liquor bottles.  The one on the left of the register holds our top shelf brands while the one on the right is for top-top shelf brands.


We hope you like it and that it serves us well for many years time to come.


To see pictures of the work in progress, see our Photo Gallery

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2nd Monday of each month.



March 11, 2024


Now playing 3 instant pay games and 1 holder game.  The progressive game is temporarily suspended.


The progressive pulltab jackpot is now




All well drinks are $3 each.


All beer is $2 each.



Ladies wine discounts.



8 pm.

Tickets $1


Jackpot is now




8:15 pm

Tickets  $1



Discounted adult beverages for ladies.



Dinner served at 5:30 pm



Feb 23: BBQ sandwich, coleslaw, chips..  $6




Bingo 7-9 pm

$20 per 5-game card.



$2 Fireball Shots

8 pm - 10 pm

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