Charitable Gaming

Charitable gaming is our primary source of operation and community outreach funding.


Our Charitable Gaming Hours are:

Monday-Thursday   4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Friday                      4:00 pm - Midnight

Saturday                  1:00 pm - Midnight

Sunday                    1:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Currently, our regular charitable gaming consists of:

  • Paper Pulltabs  
    • Available every day during charitable gaming hours.
    • Pulltabs cards costs vary by game at $1 per play.  There are 25 cent, 50 cent,and $1 games. 
    • You play as many cards as you wish then pull open 1 or more windows on each card, depending on the game. 
    • There are 3 main types of games. 
      • Instant win which has no "holders".  If you get a wimming card, you cash it out immediately with the bartender.
      • Holder games which are the same as instant win games but DO have "holders".  If you get a holder you hang on to it until the all the game's cards are played.  THen 1 or 2 special holder numbers are recevealed.  If you number matches one of these revealed numbers, then you win cash.  You have 30 days after the game closes to claim your winnings.  After that, the money goes to the post.
      • Progressive jackpot games which have a special jackpot which builds over time if it is not won by a game winner.  The current jackpot value is posted on the right sidebar.
  • Electronic Pulltabs   
    • Available every day during charitable gaming hours.  These games will automatically shutdown when gaming hours are over.
    • Cost is however much you wish to play.
    • These are electronic games.  You insert your money  then say how much you want to chance on each play of the game.  You can win a good bit of money at these games and can stop at any time.  If you win and cashout, you will get a ticket.  Take it over to the kiosk to the left of the games, put in your ticket, and it will give you your payout.
  • Queen of Hearts  
    • ​Drawings on Wednesdays at 8 pm. 
    • Tickets are $1 each.
    • You do not have to be present to win.
    • This game starts with you buying as many tickets as you wish any time and any day before the drawing.  If buying a ticket before game day, be sure to put you name and phone number on our half of the ticket so we can contact you if you are not at the drawing.  
    • If your ticket number is drawn you get to pick a number from the game board.  The playing card under that number is then revealed.  You will win a minimum of $30 with additional winnings possible for certain cards such as a face card or an ace. 
    • If you are at the drawing you win 70% of the jackpot (minus taxes) if you the Queen of Hearts is revealed from your pick.  If you are not present at the drawing you will win 50% of the jackpot (minus taxes).  Winners will receive a check for their winnings.  The remainder of the jackpot goes to the post.
    • If the jackpot is won that game is over.  Otherwise, the jackpot is raised each week by how much money was raised from ticket sales minus whatever was won.  For instance, if 300 tickets are sold and only $30 was won on Wednesday night, that jackpot will go up by $270.00 for the next week. Bring your friends!  The more that play, the faster the jackpot goes up!
  • 50/50 Raffle
    • ​Drawings on Wednesdays at 8:15 pm
    • Tickets are $1 each.
    • You must be present to win.
    • This game also starts with buying as many tickets as you wish for $1 each on game night
    • If your number is drawn you win one-half of all monies taken in for the drawing that night, in cash.  For instance, if 230 tikets are sold and you win, you get $115.00.  Again, bring your friends!  The more that play, the more money can be won!
  • Bingo
    • Fridays at 7 pm. 
    • Buy-in is $20 for a 5 game card. 
    • You may buy as many cards as you like. 
    • 5 games are played with each game paying a straight-line bingo and a coverall bingo.  There is a break between games 2 and 3 and again between games 4 and 5.  It is usually wrapped up by 8:30 pm.


We also run occasional on-site and off-site raffles and 50/50 drawings.


All games are operated in accordance with all Commonwealth of Kentucky Charitable Gaming laws and regulations under license number ORG0001375 and any special licenses as needed.


All games are open to all members and guests but remember, we are a private club and so not open to everyone every day. We welcome guests of members but guests must be accompanied by their sponsor member during their entire visit and must sign in on our geust log under the arch between the club room and the bingo/meeting hall.


You MUST be at least 18 years of age to play.


We would love to have you come and support our post as well as help us help others by playing our games!


* We are required to do some IRS paperwork with you for any winnings of $600.00 or higher as well as withhold State and Federal taxes.


Regularly scheduled activites and daily specials:





2nd Monday of each month.



March 11, 2024


Now playing 3 instant pay games and 1 holder game.  The progressive game is temporarily suspended.


The progressive pulltab jackpot is now




All well drinks are $3 each.


All beer is $2 each.



Ladies wine discounts.



8 pm.

Tickets $1


Jackpot is now




8:15 pm

Tickets  $1



Discounted adult beverages for ladies.



Dinner served at 5:30 pm



Feb 23: BBQ sandwich, coleslaw, chips..  $6




Bingo 7-9 pm

$20 per 5-game card.



$2 Fireball Shots

8 pm - 10 pm

American Legion Post 67
138 S Main St
Versailles, Kentucky 40383

Phone: 859 873-7064 859 873-7064


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All games are operated by

Woodford Post 67 in accordance with all Commonwealth of Kentucky Charitable Gaming laws and regulations under license # ORG0001375 and special licenses as needed.


Games are open to all members and guests but you must be at least 18 years of age to play.

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