WWII POW Liberation Album

A very worn album of old photographs was found in the Woodford Post 67 Office.  There was no indication of who left it or when or why they did. 


It contained two photos of training at Ft. Sill in 1943 and several photos of allied soldiers liberated from German POW camps being processed to return home.


There is also a newspaper clipping, a message from General Dwight Eisenhower, and a handdrawn map of northeastern Germany.  Again, no indication of who drew it, much less when or why.


The original materials were taken to an archivist for cleaning and mounting in a new album and the map framed.  They can be seen at Woodford Post 67.


We hope you enjoy them.  They are a fascinating glimpse into this facet of The War.


If anyone has any clue who left this or who Lt. Col. Hughes is, we'd love to hear from you.

442nd FA Group 691, 692, 241, 208 (155's) Bu

Massed Fires Practice

So MB4, Ft. Sill, OK

Sept, 1943

Just-liberated allied POW's are headed home in April, 1945.


Click on a pic to see it larger with a caption.

Other materials found in the album.

Click on the image for a lerger version.


First, a newspaper article about the soldiers heading home.

Also found was this message from Gen Dwight Eisenhower relinquishing his command of Supreme Headquarters Allied European Forces aka SHAEF which was disbanded in July, 1945.

And finally, this hand-drawn map on wax paper of northeastern Germany.

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