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If you are having thoughts of suicide or are experiencing any mental health crisis PLEASE contact the 


National Crisis Line: Call 988,

Veterans then press 1

Available 24/7/365

or use

Veteran Crisis Text  at 838255

National Crisis Text at 741741

Online Chat and Info


If you are, or at risk of becoming homeless, please get help by calling the


National Call Center for Homeless Veterans

877 4AID-VET


PSO Info

Q.  What does the PSO do?

A.  The job of the PSO is to be the link between Veterans and their families and resources to help with their needs.  This help is free and open to ALL veterans.  You do NOT have to be a Legion member to use the PSO.  We want to help all vets and their families as much as we can.


When you contact the PSO, the first thing we will do is to just chat and see what your needs are.  Then we will decide what to do next.  If we have to go to the VA and you want our help we will complete the needed form (VA 21-22) to get the Legion on your side.  The next step(s) depends on your needs. 


To get started with our PSO, either:

- Call the Post at 859-873-7064 and leave a message

- Come to one of our quarterly PSO meet-ups (see the right - sidebar for the next meet-up date)

- Send a message using our Contact Page


Q.  What is a DD-214?

A.   This is a Department of Defence "Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty" document provided to all military personnel when they are released from active duty (discharged, retired, etc.).  This is a very important document to have and keep safe as it contains all the important info about a vet's service including branch, service number, dates, rank, awards, and discharge type.  This form was first issued in 1950 so anyone being released from duty before then would have received a different document and there were several over the years.


Q.  Where can I get a DD-214 or other separation document?

A.   You can request it online via the National Archives.  This is the same place to go to get help replacing service medals and to get a copy of service records.


Q.  Who can get a copy of a DD-214?

A.   As with all military records, only the veteran and their next-of-kin can request the records unless they have been out of the service for over 62 years.  After 62 years they become a matter of public record and anyone can request them.

VA Benefits

Q.  Can I get health care through the VA?

A.   You may be eligible if you were not dishonorably discharged.  To check eligibility requirements, see


Q.  How do I get help with VA medical care?

A.  For VAMC Lexington, you can call:

Patient Advocates:  859-233-4511 ext 3895

Appointments:  888-824-3577

Pharmacy:  888-889-5962

Transportation Help:  859-381-5912

Health Benefits Center:  859-281-4948

Main Number:  859-233-4511

For National assistance, Call

National Info Line:  800-698-2411

National Health Benefits Hotline:  877-222-8387


Q.  Can I get help getting to VAMC Lex?

A.  Call the Veterans Transportation Service (VTS) at 859-233-4511 ext. 5912 at least seven days in advance of your appointment date.  There are limitations so be sure to let them know if you have or need any special equipment or if you need someone to ride with you.  You can find out more at


Q.  What VA benefits can I get?

A.  It's a long list and some are much harder to qualify for than others.  You can see a list of benefits and terms at VA Benefits A-Z.   The most commonly used benefits include home load guarantees, health care,and disability.  There are many others including veterans pension, funeral assistance, and education and training to name a few.


Q.  How do I know what to apply for and how to do it?

A.  Different benefits have different qualifying requirements.  For instance, some require wartime service while others do not.  You can read about them at


Q.  How do I calim disability?

A.  Disability can be claimed for injuries occurring while in service, caused by something that happened in service and appeared later, or something that is aggravated by something that happened in service.  You can file online or by mail and if you need help or have more questions, contact the PSO.  You can learn more about disability claims at


Q.  Are there any VA funeral benefits?

A.  Yes, if qualified.  The benefits you can get may include burial in a National Cemetery, a burial flag, headstone, and, possibly, reimbursement of funeral expenses and more.  See for details.


Q.  How long does it take to get VA benefits?

A.  That depends completely on the complexity of the case and whatever the VA's case load is.  They have gotten much better at processing claims, but they have a lot of work to do and a lot of processes they must follow so it can take a few to many months.  It is also very important that if they need additional information from you that you respond promptly as many replies have a time limit and missing a deadline can result in no benefit being awarded.


Q.  But I didn't retire from the military so I can't get anything, right?

A.  Wrong.  Retirement is not a requirement for any VA benefit, even the Veteran's Pension, although that one does have stringent service and financial qualification rules.  For more about pensions, including the Survivor's Pension and Aid & Attendance benefit, please see


Q.  Are there any benefits for veteran's spouses or other dependents?

A.  Yes, including the Aid & Attendance Benefit for caregiving spouses or other family members, Survivor's Pension for spouses of deceased veterans, and others.   For more info on those, please see


Q.  Can the VA help me buy a home?

A.  Yes, to a degree.  The VA does not loan money to buy a house.  They do offer home loan guarantee programs, including for surviving spopuses.  Also, if you have a VA approved disability, you can buy a home with no down payment or mortgage origination fee.  You may also be eligible for no PMI requirement.  For more details, check out


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